Who Will Win the New Six Week Body Transformation Contest ?

Who Will Win the New Six Week Body Transformation Contest ?

http://coachterrysfitness.com East Bay Boot Camp cash prize for 6 week fat loss winner

I’ve had many requests for a new 6 week contest so the launch of our next one will be October 1st to November 14th.

The rules will be same as our previous contests. It is open to East Bay Boot Camp members with the winner being determined by the percent of fat pounds lost in proportion to their starting measurements.

I will be taking registration and measurements for all candidates the week of Monday September 21 through Saturday the 26th. 100% of the $25 cash registration goes to the winner’s envelope with the winner taking it all.

Final measurements will be taken the week of Monday November 16th to Saturday the 21st.

http://coachterrysfitness.com 6 week East Bay Boot Camp transformation fat loss contest winners Encore Gymnastics Walnut Creek http://coachterrysfitness.com Nicole wins cash at Encore Gymnastics in Walnut Creek from East Bay Boot Camp fat loss contest

Previous winners include, Nicole Cisilino, Ashley Hansen, Denise Hannah,

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The Right Shoe for the Activity

Now that we’ve covered what goes into what goes into workout wear that improves your performance and comfort, here’s my advice on what shoes to wear in the gym and for running.

YouTube Preview Image

Ever since I tried my first pair of INOV BareX 210 a few years ago, they’ve been my go-to favorite for working out inside the gym. They are very comfortable and give you a great feel for the ground so your balance and back alignment are better. Finding the right running shoe for you is personal and I like the Asics Gel line.

Here are a few comments from Geri, one of my favorite athletes.
“They’re comfortable, Feet not wobbly, Better Balance, Flat and Solid, a little like magic shoes.”
http://coachterrysfitness.com personal training client Geri shows better balance with proper footwear recommended by personal trainer in Concord

Running Shoe Anatomy from Tracy

Now that we’ve covered what to wear for comfortable workouts, here is the breakdown of what goes into your running shoes.
http://coachterrysfitness.com East Bay Boot Camp's Coach Terry gets Running shoe anatomy lesson

Here’s Tracy’s video and we also talk about recovery..
YouTube Preview Image

What You Didn’t Know About Sports Bras

Hi athletes,
As promised, here’s the information you need in order to avoid being very uncomfortable while running or exercising.
http://coachterrysfitness.com Fleet Feet owner Tracy shows East Bay Boot Camp coach what women need to know

Since this is a subject I know nothing about we can go right to Tracy’s video explaining what you need.

YouTube Preview Image

Get fit and fitted


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Fixing Running Form and Shoe Fitting Mistakes

Hi, I just finished a learning interview with an amazing running coach, Tracy Guymon who also happens to own Fleet Feet Sports in Pleasant Hill.

Over the next few days I’ll send you her wise advice on:
Running form and shoe fitting.
Why 80% of women athletes are in the wrong sports bra.
How to fit running shoes to your feet.
What Coach recommends for working out and running.
Here’s the first one

YouTube Preview Image

Tomorrow look for everything you didn’t know about sports bras.

Fitness and friendship

Master the Kettlebell Lifts Who’s In?

I’ve given some serious consideration to the requests for comprehensive kettlebell instruction so here’s the good news.

Here’s what you can expect from Mastering the Kettlebell

A strong, sleekly muscled body that feels capable of handling anything thrown at it.

We will develop explosive strength, dramatic power and amazing conditioning.

Kettlebell exercises strengthen and shape the glutes!

“Bracing” will become second nature. As Dr.Stuart McGill has proven in “Ultimate Back Fitness” bracing protects your back.

The carry over conditioning will affect every sport and part of your life as you carry the secrets of Soviet supermen on your bullet proof shoulders.
http://coachterrysfitness.com Personal trainer in Clayton and Concord begins Kettlebell training classes.

Expect massive personal attention and spending as much time as it takes to learn the lifts in perfect form every time.(Don’t be surprised if we spend an entire lesson or several on one lift since they build on each other.)

In order to learn how to tame a cannonball with a handle, you must be willing to practice perfection of the lifts with precision and patience.

What you must bring to the sessions….
The unstoppable attitude that you will give all your attention and effort to making every minute count. Commit to the 5 weeks.
You must be free from injury and back issues.

The desire to progress to the most amazing strength and conditioning system that will change your life.

Usually when I see the general exercising public performing kettlebell exercises I have to shake my head in dis-belief while their trainers excitedly continue with the “waytogoyoucandoit” stuff.

Here’s the list of standard kettlebell lifts that we will use to create physical excellence:
1. Kettlebell Swing: It looks simple but once you learn perfection your jaw will drop when you see others in their futile attempts.
YouTube Preview Image

2. Kettlebell Get-up: this is the king of creating total body strength, stability and range of motion.
YouTube Preview Image

3. Kettlebell Power Clean: This prepares you for learning the advanced progressions like the Kettlebell Snatch, Military Press and Double Goblets.

4. Goblet Squat: Be ready for the thigh burn and youthful range of motion at the hips and knees.
YouTube Preview Image

5. Kettlebell Snatch: this is the ultimate expression of power
YouTube Preview Image

6. Complexes: with mastery, you’ll learn metabolic complexes that will turn you into a super hero.

Mastering the Kettlebell is a semi-private session with no more than four hard working athletes per session.
Courses run for 5 weeks
2 Hour and fifteen minute sessions per week
Tuition for the 5 weeks is $400

Personal Best Part 2 Work-Outs

As promised:
Here is the detailed program that I wrote for a 65 year old man in athletic condition wishing to achieve a personal best bodyfat % and increase lean muscle mass, build chest, arms, legs and core strength.

Using principles that I learned from the great Juan Carlos Santana, the founder of Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton, led to predictable results that you’ve seen in the photos.

In order to maximize training effect without wasting energy on B.S. exercises I chose the following three “quadplexes” or “Triplexes” to ensure that:
1. Every body part was challenged every workout.
2. The program led to bigger muscles and burned fat.
3. Recovery was built into the weekly volume.
4. The rep range is based on the muscle hypertrophy formula of 8-12′s and due to my respect for age and injuries the decision was to make sure I could get at least 10 reps in perfect form and use rate of perceived exertion as a gauge for how much weight to increase on the bar over time.

Monday and Friday workouts were for big bang for the buck exercises and Wednesdays for details (and some cool stuff).

1. Quadplex: 3 Sets of each
Back Squat
Bench Press
Straight Bar Dead Hang Pull ups (weight vest added in block 2)
Straight Arm Hanging Feet Ups. (video)

YouTube Preview Image

2. Triplex: 3 Sets of each
Double Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift
Vortex Cable Push/Pull
High to Low Cable Chops

YouTube Preview Image

3. Quadplex: 3 Sets of each
Double Kettlebell Goblet Squats (video)
Kettlebell One Arm Press Overhead (later progressed to bottoms up)
Stability Ball Triple Threats
1 Arm Dumbbell Rows (weight must be at least 1/2 of bench press)

YouTube Preview Image

Wednesday lighter volume

1. Circuit 3-5 sets
Dumbbell Step-ups or Lunge Sequence
Kettlebell Swings
Ring Dips (video)
Various Grip Pull-ups (Ropes, Fat Cylinder, Reverse grip, Steel Ball Grips)
Kettlebell Get-up

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

2. Arm and Ab Circuit
Dumbbell Biceps Curls (alternating)
Triceps Cable Extension using pre-exhaust or drop set. (video)
Kettlebell Ab Complex (video) or partner med-ball toss. (video)

YouTube Preview Image

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday biofoam rollouts, stretching, and some light get ups, swings, sled push or hill runs kept me limber and hungry. If I used the Assault Air Bike for sprint protocols I would leave something else out to avoid overtraining.

Any adding of an exercise to the individual Tri or Quadplexes require that one be deleted. Train smart not stooopid.
http://coachterrysfitness.com that's how you lose fat with personal training in Clayton

How I Got to Lifetime Personal Best Part 1

The picture is blurry but the results are crystal clear.

http://coachterrysfitness.com personal trainer in Clayton get s the report on percent fat loss
http://coachterrysfitness.com East Bay Boot Camps Coach Terry compares percent body fat and weight reports.

As we found out in the past few days, getting the full picture by In Body scanning at Dr Gartner’s is motivating and making the goal public as I did made it even more crucial to achieve.

http://coachterrysfitness.com this shows what 8.2% fat percent looks like on East Bay Boot Camps coach Terry

Many of you have requested the details on exactly how I went from a respectable 13% fat level down to the 8.2% in about 8 weeks.

My first step was to create a program that would build muscle predictably and safely with respect to my conditioning (pretty good), age (65) and history of injury. (2 surgical rotator cuff repairs)

I decided on using a 6 week training block with increased intensity (added weight) every week followed by a week or two of what Phil Kaplan calls a recuperative scramble. This allowed for the strength and muscle gains to settle in before going to the next block.
Get a pen and write this down:

The beginning of the next six week block (Block 2) doesn’t start at the Block 1 week 6 level. The loads and reps are aimed to reflect week 2 of block 1.

This assures that I keep my joints, muscles and immune system healthy while consistently improving over time so that by the end of every block there has been steady increases in strength and recovery.

I can confidently tell you that if you continuously go for increasing intensity in a linear fashion then the day will come when pain and injury will mess up your plans and physique.

Every repetition of every set was logged in my program sheets with all food and supplements listed for the day as well.

http://coachterrysfitness.com East Bay Boot Camp coach in Concord has logged every weight loss workout

Tomorrow I will post the details of the daily workouts with my nutrition strategy following…..

Results and analysis, How I Measured

Now that we have all the important measures printed out, it’s time to sit back and learn about what all those numbers mean.

Combined they give a very accurate picture of an individuals body composition and the directions they will need to take in order to achieve or improve health.
Watch the video of Dr Gartner explaining my results.

YouTube Preview Image

This is how the print out looks with cellular water report, body composition, visceral fat and muscle mass.

http://coachterrysfitness.com personal trainer in Clayton get s the report on percent fat loss

And this is a shot of a few comparative measures by date… Tomorrow look for my email spilling all the secrets of how I achieved my personal lifetime best body composition at age 65.
http://coachterrysfitness.com East Bay Boot Camps Coach Terry compares percent body fat and weight reports.

Getting The IN-Body Info

One of the best ways to measure your starting point and fat loss success is with the In Body scanner
http://coachterrysfitness.com Walnut Creek Boot Camp coach Terry gets the body fat scan to see how much fat loss has occurred

This will give not only weight, but % body fat, intra/extra cellular water, lean muscle mass, visceral fat level and more. So it’s an amazing diagnostic tool and it takes only a minute for the entire test.

Here’s a three minute video of how it works.
YouTube Preview Image

Tomorrow I spill how my results came out

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