Best Bang for Your Buck Exercises

If you are still sitting on your butt doing chest flys or bicep curls, then don’t expect to be fitter faster. You will wind up doing less calorie burning and the machine’s seat will be doing what your core muscles should be.

     The best programs that burn a ton of calories work several different muscle groups at once. You have more time to pound intense workouts that get you in and out of the gym in an hour knowing that you did it all.

   Working out efficiently in this manner can be done whether in health clubs, at home or in the park.

      Your paycheck will include faster fat melting, cadio, body toning, stomach flattening and core training all at once.

   All you need are some dumbbells, bodyweight, medicine balls, stability balls, kettlebells and bands; most of which are portable. A  personal trainer led boot camp, power rack and olympic bar are useful but not neccesary.  I also love the lifefitness multi purpose cable unit. 

    Several bang for the buck exercises include Squats, deadlifts, squat/curl/press, kettlebell swings, feet on ball push-ups and dozens more like we do in my boot camp classes and personal training. Ask how effective four minutes of Tabata grinds are for metabolic disturbance :-)

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