Adding More Light to Your Fitness Lifestyle (and holiday schedule)

My Best Wishes To Our Growing Fitness Family
I had the rare privilege today of interviewing a young lady who in service to us, wrote a life enhancing book. Her name is Tamara Gerlach from Martinez and she has news for you if you don’t think you have the time to take your joy of life to a new level. (the chapters are short and concise) Today’s video part 1… Two Simple Action Steps that you can do every day to bring more light and joy.
Remember as we approach the Christmas holiday and New Year that making positive physical change can happen in an instant. That instant when you make the decision that you are in charge of the way you look and feel. You will also be the role model who leads and inspires others rather than allowing them to discourage your efforts out of jealousy or misguided social pressure. I will be away visiting family from Dec 20-26 so no boot camps or sessions that week before Christmas. The 27th I will return full of my continued commitment to your success so be ready to bring your best self to the rest of your healthy life!
Watch Part 1 Interview With Tamara Below
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