Cultivating Radiance part 2 (How I Improved My Morning)

After my interview with Tamara yesterday I was excited about putting an action step into my routine as soon as possible. As most of you know I get up at 3:15 every morning so that I can have a liesurely breakfast and prepare for my early bootcamps.
I must admit that the first thoughts running through my mind lean toward I wish I could go back to sleep.
This morning before a thought like that could finish I DECIDED that I would think of two things I was grateful for before starting my day.
One was that I have the most wonderful and lovely wife who I treasure, and what a difference that mindset brought to the rest of my day. I was in a better mood, more energetic, friendlier and wow! More Radiant.
So here is the second part of my interview with Cultivating Radiance author Tamara Gerlach at the beautiful Gerlach Ranch.

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