Part 3: Keeping Radiance Nurtured and What to Do About Obstacles

Hey, lots of fitness love to y’all especially this busy time.
I’m posting the final part of my delightful interview with Tamera Gerlach where she gives us some advice on not giving up and how to handle road blocks.

Also how to get a copy for yourself and for gifts. We mentioned Amazon but you will get your books faster by going to and ordering right off the website

So look for the possibilities or opportunities that might be created from a “problem.”
As a personal trainer I find that many who “try” to “get fit” January 1st will encounter drudgery and failure by the 17th only because they lack direction and understanding. Get excited and get a coach!
Then ask yourself what are some of the options or action steps that I can take RIGHT NOW to overcome this problem.

Fitness and friendship
Coach Terry

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