I Am Truly Blessed

After beginning my new year in the emergency room from an injury requiring surgery tomorrow and a year to recover, a lot of people might start wondering if I landed on my head leading to euphoric but nutty ideas.
Well I didn’t damage my upstairs hardware (some think I’m nuts enough already) and reading the MRI was enlightening. Massive rotator cuff tear supraspinatus, torn infraspinatus, bicep tendon out of groove etc……and more.
What is more profoundly influencing my mindset was finding out how caring and wonderful my clients and boot campers are in ways that have brought so much joy to my life.
They have inspired me to give so much more of myself in return to make sure that everone who trains will not only achieve their ultimate healthy, slim and toned body but to feel part of a fitness family that nurtures all that makes us better.
So to all of you who have prayed, cared for, offered and provided assistance, and shown me “fitness family love,” I give you my heartfelt thanks and can’t wait to get back and bring on the energy to kick us off to our best year together.
Coachterrysfitness.com personal trainer with one arm pushup
P.S I’ll be doing one arm push-ups again in no time.

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