Radiant Body Stretch Will Do These Cool Things and Take This Meditation Guide as Our Gift

a href=”http://www.fitnesscoachterry.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/lotus.bmp”>Personal trainer in Clayton understands the value of meditating regularly On Wednesday May 11th you have the opportunity to experience a method of playful stretching that will make you sleep better, enjoy a free more flexible body and ease of movement. You will also learn how to dissipate stress appropriately instead of carrying it around until it makes you sick.

About two months ago I received an invitation to learn a truly lovable stretching sequence.

Tamara Gerlach,author of “Cultivating Radiance” has created and teaches a flowing 7-10 minute stretch that made me feel wonderful and relaxed quickly.

The next day I felt as if I had all my joints lubricated and my back felt great.

Tamara has graciously offered to teach her method to all my bootcampers, and the first 5 guests who sign up. Guests may be Encore Moms and Dads as well as friends of mine or Tamara’s. Due to the fact that some personal attention is involved there are limited spots available and you must arrive on time at 5:30 AM WED May 11th at Encore Gymnastics Center, 999 Bancroft Road, Walnut Creek.Personal trainer in Walnut Creek leads Fat Loss Boot Camps at Encore Gymnastics<

There is no fee for this workshop for which she easily could charge a $50 fee. The workshop will be preceeded by two rounds of my regular Fit Body Boot Camp so you will be well warmed up for the wonderful cooldown with Tamara.

Call me at 925-586-3649 and the first five callers will be in for this uplifting experience. All current boot campers and personal training clients are automatically invited.

Be sure to make this appointment with yourself to make you life more radiant and joyful.

See you in the gym,


P.S. Download your free meditation guide here

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