We Got a Nice Thank You Note From IDA

I hope y’all are staying fit and healthy so far this summer.

Saturday June 23rd we hosted a 3 hour marathon boot camp fundraiser for In Defense of Animals at Clayton Fitness Center.

http://coachterrysfitness.com from east bay boot camp in Clayton fundraiser

Karry and Paul from Clayton Fitness flank Connie and Bob from IDA

Paul of Clayton Fitness and personal trainer in Clayton Coach Terry

Paul and Coach

I want to thank all who attended and especially Karry and Paul who came in on their day off to co-coach the event.
http://coachterrysfitness.com karen, connie and Coach Tfrom East Bay Boot Camp in Clayton.

Karen, Terry and Connie

With a 30 exercise station circuit the boot campers had their work cut out for them as we started at 9AM. With gut testers like weighted sled push, endurance crushers like dead ball squat to explosive toss and many tests of strength it would be interesting to see who could last two full circuits much less the entire morning.

http://coachterrysfitness.com Gina pushes the sled at fundraiser East Bay Boot camp Walnut Creek

Gina pushes a 200 pound sled

east bay boot camp in clayton with laura lee

Laura Lee shows the sled who’s boss

Http://coachterrysfitness.com personal training for fat loss in Clayton

Bonnie added Karry to the sled for more resistance

personal trainer in walnut creek runs a fat loss boot camp fundraiser

Everyone was working up a good sweat by now.

At the end it was Kartik and Laura Lee from our 5:30am East Bay Boot Camp at Encore Gymnastics group and Monica from Karry’s Clayton Fitness group who held up for 3 hours and 180 sets of exercise.

east bay boot camp in walnut creek does a fat loss marathon

Laura Lee and Kartik finishing the last exercise of the day.

We finally wound up with about 18 who took up the challenge and several who donated generously without working out and thanks to all of them collected about $470 for the cause.

Here are some words of thanks that I pass on from IDA

“Hi Terry,

Thank you so much for hosting your wonderful event, you are an angel. It was lovely to meet you and I look forward to meeting your wife,

The money raised at your amazing event is going to our Sanctuary , Hope Animal Sanctuary, in Mississippi. I just spoke the Director of the sanctuary, doll Stanley, and she is thrilled!!

It was such a great event. Thank you for all of your hard work and the great work that you do.

Thank you so much, it was an honor to meet you.

I will send a DVD to you with my photos of the event.

I love these photos!

For the Animals,

Connie Newhall

Major Gifts

In Defense of Animals

So the thanks actually goes out to all of you who gave your time, energy and sweat to help out.

Personal trainer in Clayton coaching east bay boot camp

Incline band press with Angie and Bob

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