Fasting Results

Here are the results I experienced,

A four month inflammation of my knee joint improved and kept getting better. So Hippocrates and the Roman warriors were right about whey water being a healing and anti inflammation remedy.
I lost a couple pounds and they are still off a few weeks later.
I feel like there was a definite shift into a healthier body.
I found out what it’s like to not take part in eating at a social occasion and why if I can do it so can you.
Dr Pompa said that repeating the fast in a month will exponentially increase the benefits rather than doubling them.
east bay boot camp personal trainer finished 4 day fast
So guess what? I will be doing it again and will keep you posted.

p.s. I’m investigating a whey protein powder that I used to think sucked but have been proven wrong so I will let you know what my results are after trying it out on myself.

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