Nutritional Adjustments based on Individual Needs

I hope you got some good info from yesterday’s article. If you haven’t watched the video it’s still up in the previous blog post. Weight loss doctor explains her individual nutrition plans for East Bay Boot Camps Coach Terry.

In this next video Dr Anne goes into why even though we are all similar biologically, we are all have some major biological individuality that requires adjustments if you want to get optimal results.

For example a young athlete will need an entirely different mix of proteins, complex starches and veggies in comparison to an over 30 individual who writes code at a desk all day. Knowing exactly what each individual, whether a post menopausal woman or mid twenties gymnast. She accomplishes this with either a whole foods program or using a doctor’s quality meal replacement shake that she describes in the video.

For the details get your notebook and watch the video below.

YouTube Preview Image
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