How I Got to Lifetime Personal Best Part 1

The picture is blurry but the results are crystal clear. personal trainer in Clayton get s the report on percent fat loss East Bay Boot Camps Coach Terry compares percent body fat and weight reports.

As we found out in the past few days, getting the full picture by In Body scanning at Dr Gartner’s is motivating and making the goal public as I did made it even more crucial to achieve. this shows what 8.2% fat percent looks like on East Bay Boot Camps coach Terry

Many of you have requested the details on exactly how I went from a respectable 13% fat level down to the 8.2% in about 8 weeks.

My first step was to create a program that would build muscle predictably and safely with respect to my conditioning (pretty good), age (65) and history of injury. (2 surgical rotator cuff repairs)

I decided on using a 6 week training block with increased intensity (added weight) every week followed by a week or two of what Phil Kaplan calls a recuperative scramble. This allowed for the strength and muscle gains to settle in before going to the next block.
Get a pen and write this down:

The beginning of the next six week block (Block 2) doesn’t start at the Block 1 week 6 level. The loads and reps are aimed to reflect week 2 of block 1.

This assures that I keep my joints, muscles and immune system healthy while consistently improving over time so that by the end of every block there has been steady increases in strength and recovery.

I can confidently tell you that if you continuously go for increasing intensity in a linear fashion then the day will come when pain and injury will mess up your plans and physique.

Every repetition of every set was logged in my program sheets with all food and supplements listed for the day as well. East Bay Boot Camp coach in Concord has logged every weight loss workout

Tomorrow I will post the details of the daily workouts with my nutrition strategy following…..

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