Nutritional Adjustments based on Individual Needs

I hope you got some good info from yesterday’s article. If you haven’t watched the video it’s still up in the previous blog post. Weight loss doctor explains her individual nutrition plans for East Bay Boot Camps Coach Terry.

In this next video Dr Anne goes into why even though we are all similar biologically, we are all have some major biological individuality that requires adjustments if you want to get optimal results.

For example a young athlete will need an entirely different mix of proteins, complex starches and veggies in comparison to an over 30 individual who writes code at a desk all day. Knowing exactly what each individual, whether a post menopausal woman or mid twenties gymnast. She accomplishes this with either a whole foods program or using a doctor’s quality meal replacement shake that she describes in the video.

For the details get your notebook and watch the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Meet Dr Anne Gartner This Tuesday.

I had the pleasure this afternoon of interviewing one of the finest weight loss physicians in the country. Dr Anne Gartner (or Annie as she likes) graciously made time in her day to agree to spill the beans on real life weight loss.

I broke up the interview into 4 parts due to time restraints and to keep you excited about getting more good stuff in following segments.

In the first we discuss Dr Gartner’s background and how she came to open her own practice in Walnut Creek. Later we find out more about matching programs to individual needs, we get to see the In Body scan and how it works. Then with me as a guinea pig for a demonstration and analysis of results. ( I can’t wait to see how I did)

My huge suggestion for you before watching the video is to get a pen and paper and take lots of notes because the useful information will come quickly.

Also in preparation for the 6 week transformation challenge, Dr Gartner will be at Clayton Fitness this Tuesday Feb 3 from 7-9pm providing the In Body assessments for participants.

Enjoy the part one video

YouTube Preview Image
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Increasing Push/Pull and Core Strength

There are so many benefits to using a dual stack cable set up for the push pull that I’m excited to finally write about it.

If you have a Vortex, Free Motion or similar cable machine in your gym, you have all you need for these conditioning

To begin, you simply choose your directions of push/pull. For example… straight across, incline push with decline pull or decline push with incline pull.

You will notice that you can easily pull considerably more weight than you can press so adjust the stacks with 20-30 pounds more on the pulling side.

Try all the variations and be sure to be aware of “rooting” on the back leg keeping your 360′ core tight.YouTube Preview Image

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Long But Worth The Read

Many of you who know me well as a trainer, coach and friend have heard me mention the name Phil Kaplan as someone for whom I have great respect as a personal trainer, who has built several successful businesses and mentors others to do the same with the Be Better Project, ALIVE and owned and consulted for many national health clubs. Phil consults with several hospitals and doctors including John’s Hopkins where his ALIVE program is saving lives every day. He has also been my mentor and business coach for close to twenty years now.
I have partnered up with Phil in a new venture and with his coaching; I know that we have an incredible journey ahead leading to financial and health rewards.

I’m looking for two committed individuals who can work together as a team to capitalize upon a direct marketing opportunity that has been proven both in efficacy and in wealth potential.
I know the “uuurrggh” feeling in your gut that happens when you hear the term direct marketing. I’ve had “uuurrggh” and “grrrrowl” and “sh******t” and lots of other sounds emit from gut and mind when presented “opportunities,” so I get it and I’m not surprised, but if you know me, you know I live my life by a strong and controlled moral compass, ensuring the motto I’ve held on my desk since 1986 stays near and dear to my heart. On my well-worn desk plaque you’ll find the words, “Growth With Integrity.”
If you’re ready to grow with integrity, celebrate new income and the development of financial security, and feel GREAT about everything you do in delivering the conjoined gifts of health and fitness, read on and prepare to contact me. I really am searching only for two people, and I believe I’ll find them in my circle of health minded members, personal trainers and health professionals.
Read on . . ..
Know three things before you go any further:
1. This is about a product line, a line of the highest quality nutritional supplements, not only ideal, but I daresay almost mandatory in today’s toxic world
2. This is an opportunity for us to not only find their physical and financial best, but also to attach to a proven business model that has “worked,” not for a handful of people who stand up in front of an audience to pitch their wares, but for hard-working personal trainers, many that I know personally, all committed to the same code of morality as you are.
3. Multi-level marketing, direct marketing, and direct-to-consumer product sales are all terminologies used to describe a model of distribution designed to create wealth.
For the last 20 years,
I swore off all of the products sold through these “pyramid schemes.” There are two primary reasons. The first, is, even though “Diamond Executives” drove Ferraris and wore Rolexes, they weren’t people I knew personally, and I just wasn’t meeting people who were really earning $20,000 or $30,000 a month in these organizations. Secondly, the products, upon close scrutiny, were almost always inferior, sold via carefully structured copy and slick brochures recruiting a small army of false prophets armed with an empty bag of promises and misinformation.

It took some doing and some time to open me up to Isagenix. When I say “some time,” I mean 5½ years. Especially since when I was first exposed to Isagenix, I made fun of it.
First I had to be convinced the products were sound. Suffice it to say, when I came to understand the quality of the products and the devotion to science, I discarded my pre-supposed impressions and gave it a try. I also stepped away from a pretty good supplement company who provides pretty good quality protein powders, vitamins and krill oil that has been somewhat profitable with little effort from me.
I have now become a distributor of the Isagenix line. I love the products, I use the products, I understand the products, and I happily sell the products . . . but . . . for awhile I just couldn’t find comfort with the whole “you can make money” thing. I had my biases, biases from prior product lines, that had been reinforced, justifiably, into my brain.
As a trainer you can imagine how many companies and magic berry juice lines have tried to recruit me to get to those who trust my judgement.
Today my biases haven’t the slightest bit of relevance when considering the Isagenix line and opportunity.
Kelli Calabrese, a personal trainer has built an income we’d expect from high level realtors, physicians, and financial planners, by connecting with a superior line of products.
Because my intention with this blog is to attract 2 people who want to capitalize on an opportunity, I don’t want to make this about the product, although I can present for hours about why I, if I had 20 million dollars at my disposal, would have started a nutritional supplement company line like this one. For now, here’s what I’ll ask you to know.
1. Phil Kaplan stopped selling his own products, products of the highest quality that I manufactured solely to bring quality to his clients as the food industry changed and he would have had to cut corners (as all commercial U.S. manufacturers do) to maintain cost effective production. Phil didn’t intend to stop. It was upon seeking out grass-fed whey protein that he found New Zealand suppliers . . . and Isagenix who built their meal replacement and protein formulas upon that precise protein he sought to buy.
2. Dr. Michael Colgan, a friend and personal mentor of Phil’s for over 25 years, has become the lead Research Scientist for Isagenix and has moved his studies of brain health under their umbrella. I won’t go into detail here, but he’d be happy to share my personal conversations with Dr. Colgan and why they won him over and eliminated his apprehensions about connecting with this direct marketing company. Google Michael Colgan and prepare to be amazed at his intellect and genious.
3. We can, in good conscience, integrate 80% of the Isagenix nutritional products into our TRANSFORM! and ALIVE programs as they align 100% with the science I report and rely upon.
4. I can compare their formulas, side by side with any commercially sold product, and without ever feeling a need to resort to hype or exaggeration, explain precisely why I made this choice.
The next two points I want to make are BIGGIES:
• Even with the knowledge I’ve amassed and shared, those ALIVE clients who use the Isagenix product line over their 10-week ALIVE journey lose more fat than those who don’t. The products are not mandatory by any means, but the results share the virtues of making optimal nutrition for exercisers a no-brainer. (ALIVE is a 10-week program I offer in connection with hospitals to reduce fat, improve health, and reverse chronic disease).
• For years I’ve heard “Coach, with your popularity and your position as a trainer you’ll make millions with this ________________ (fill in the blank be it with a capsule, a magic mineral formula, an extract of some tree bark, or a berry).” My response became “show me one.” “Show me one personal trainer who’s made millions selling this product and I’ll consider it.” Nobody has showed me one. Isagenix has showed me scores of trainers earning well into hundreds of thousands, and a number of them passing the one-million-dollar mark.
I know your resistance muscle is active. I know you’re finding all the reasons why this won’t work for you, and if you can’t move past those reasons, I won’t ask you to, but if I still have your attention, I ask you to carefully consider everything I’ve said and move forward with an open mind. I’m not trying to convince anyone to do anything. I am simply putting this out there to locate the six fitness professionals ready to operate as a true team, as a family, and heighten the rewards that we deserve to amass through our individual and collective fitness knowledge and commitment.
Let me wrap it up and invite you to contact me if you have interest. I want to leave you with a few words about the Opportunity, a few words about Humility, and an invitation to contact me.

This is not an off-the-shelf-just-another-MLM opportunity. This is the our coach Phil Kaplan traded his Exercise Advantage company for, a company that generated 1.2 million dollars a year. Isagenix, as a company, generates over 20 million dollars a week! Trading 100% ownership of his own business for becoming a distributor with Executive potential in a massive and growing machine was only a difficult decision until I had all the facts in order. Today, without question, I see greater potential in the Isagenix opportunity!
Phil started his nutritional company with $50,000 and went upside down before getting right side up. He had a 2500 square foot warehouse and full-time employees to handle fulfillment and shipping. He had to ensure deliveries, inventory, quality control, and storage were all handled well . . . always.
With Isagenix . . . there’s no worry about any of it. Their quality control is extraordinary, their research is impeccable, and their customer service is through the roof! I’m amazed by how far they bend backwards to satisfy customers, or resolve issues that other companies might bypass or ignore. Our costs for those extras are absent. Zero. Honestly. Zero.

There’s a question that arises here. Don’t you have to pay to be involved and buy product every month? Yes . . . but you eat it!!!! Literally. You’re not paying $14 an hour to an employee who puts containers in boxes and sticks UPS shipping labels on them. You’re paying for your own supply of nutritional aids! There is absolutely no out of pocket money that you don’t consume.
Where else do you have million dollar potential that comes with investing just over $100 per month in protein powders, or bars, or Omega 3’s, or energy compounds, or metabolic aids, or all of the things you’d encourage your friends to use because you believe in them . . . and if there are a few products you’re not comfortable with, don’t buy them and don’t sell them. Your initial investment can run from $200 to just over $500, but consider, not only that you eat what you buy . . . but also . . . I just told you…Phil had to invest $50,000 to start his own line. You invest nothing that you don’t eat, sell, or generate a return upon.

Also know that once you start to generate revenues, even if you threw the product away or fed it to ducks (you might wind up with some lean, muscular ducks), your cost, relative to your expenditure, isn’t the least bit of a burden. The line is extensive, the profit potential remarkable, the quality exceptional, and . . . the cost zero. This is an amazing business model.
The compensation plan is incredible. I’ll say this. If you’re ambitious, if you’ll trust me and approach with your guard down, and if you’re willing to do a few simple actions, Phil and I can show you how to get to $1,000 per month quickly. In income. That’s not an end game by any means. That’s the point where you say, “yes, this is the real deal. I can make money, I love the products, and my customers are seeing results.” We then help you move to a position where you earn bonuses and amplify your earning exponentially . . . doing what you already do! Training,, getting results, talking to people about their health, and receiving nothing but gratitude and testimonials.
I used the word “pyramid” early in this blog post, not because I typically use that word to describe the compensation plan, but because it’s so commonly used as a barrier. Pyramid schemes started as an illegal method of building a “pyramid” of investors. Those lower on the pyramid put money in for the right to recruit their own downlines. Those at the top collected percentages of the dollars invested. The scheme was based on the few at the top making money at the expense of the others.
The concept of direct marketing was built upon the idea that a strong distributor of a product can earn commissions through replication, by teaching others to do what he or she does. In many of these pursuits, those “at the top” made money through the sale of “kits” to hopefuls who never made back the cost of their kits. Many greedy entrepreneurs saw virtue in using this structure to create fragile businesses by creating inexpensive products with fancy labels, full knowing the company had a short life and a quick influx of dollars that would leave consumers disappointed. It’s because of this history that we lock into the negativity of “pyramid schemes.” When I say the Isagenix compensation plan is extraordinary, I continue to find new virtues with every bonus offering, every incentive, and every new distributor who quickly moves into a new level of financial recognition. While the compensation plan has many moving parts, you never get “stuck” at the bottom, and there’s a rollover effect that ensures that you benefit as your recruited distributors benefit. It’s beyond a win-win. It’s more than team building. It’s a genius and proven plan that gives everyone, regardless of when you come onboard, a path, a course, and a certainty of earning if you are willing to devote a bit of time and energy.
I understand the failings of the pyramid scheme. I understand the virtues of how Isagenix shares their earnings with their distributors. You get all the benefit of business ownership without the headaches, and all of the profit potential anyone else in the organization has.
You might have questions about the taste, the texture, and the consistency of the bars or shakes if you haven’t tried them yet . . . but if you’re still questioning whether this is an ethical and solid profit opportunity, stop here. You’re not one of the two. This isn’t for you. I’m not getting through. If you read the last few paragraphs with eyes wide open, you see . . . this is an opportunity rarely seen in our field.
Many of the personal trainers I call friends are long-time veterans of the industry. They’ve been through the trenches, they’ve made their mistakes, and they moved to a place of true security in an industry where security is often lacking. What I notice is, they share a trait that eluded us all early in our careers. Humility. They’re humble. They realize, none of us are anything more than vehicles. We share light and power, and in that we might serve as health catalysts (a term that I’ve, as of late, fully embraced.)
With our education and life experience, with our influence ability and passion, we guide people to make better choices, and it isn’t about “us,” it’s about what we can do for them.
Many personal trainers begin their careers with an ego and an arrogance. I know I did. I didn’t realize it then, but I wanted to be recognized. I wanted people to know I was a great trainer. I wanted to impress both clients and peers. In hindsight, those were hindrances more than assets. Humility gives you a greater power to thrill people, to deliver outcomes that make people happy for the long haul, and to find, not short term praise, but long-term fulfillment. When I look at the trainers I see making real money with Isagenix, whether they’re 26 or 56, I see that humility. It takes a confidence and a humbling to move away from the idea of you being “the entirety” of the solution. When you become a willing messenger of truth, you develop a new level of reward.
If you are ready for the next level of success, move past that.
Remember this. The most successful and fulfilled people I know are also the most humble, and it’s reassuring to know, presenting a product you believe in can bring you revenues for a lifetime, even after the frenetic want to be in the limelight diminishes. This is not a quick hit. This is an offering with extreme promise and solid longevity.
I want to come back to Kelli Calabrese for a moment. She was a student of Phil’s. She attended a seminar of his decades ago that I also attended. Years later she went through his Be Better program, and over the years has grown. Today, the student has become the teacher. Phil wanted to spend a few days in her home, watching her, seeing how she went from “hating supplement sales” to over $300,000 a year and growing.
Kelli showed Phil a great deal over a few days. Isagenix is fully integrated into her life, as his product was to him. She uses the product. She has display boxes in her studio. Her clients ask her how she stays so fit, and she tells them. When she speaks of Isagenix she speaks in life experience. She tells of clients and their life changes. She remains an incredible (humble) personal trainer, and she never presents Isagenix as anything other than what it really is . . . an aid in getting optimal nutrition for health and fitness in the 21st century, and through that genuine pursuit and sincerity, she’s built a dedicated team.
She invested in learning from Phil, and today, she has served as a role model as we rev up to join Phil as our coach . . . me and the 2 first-level colleagues who aren’t afraid to invest some time and energy into building the outcomes they all know they deserve.
Whether you’re happily earning or seeking financial peace, the future can be brighter. I have never pursued money, but I started earning money when I adopted the filter that says, “as long as every penny I earn comes from making someone else’s life better, I can sleep well as my assets grow.” That filter stays with me and I offer it to you.
I’m looking for like-minded individuals and if anything I’ve shared fails to resonate with you, that’s fine. I don’t want a large army. I only want to find two.
If I were to review my career and consider what I’m proudest of, I’d have to include “building teams.” In every forum, whether it was training one on one, training personal trainers in a facility, or coaching our East Bay Boot Camp,I grew the business through people, and I grew people through human connection. That’s why, in order to make my Isagenix business the thrilling venture I know it will be, I want to build it with two people who I feel connected with. Even if we don’t know each other that well yet, when people connect on common ground and feed each other’s success, and when that growth becomes electric, an unparalleled sense of team develops. If you believe you might be a happy and commited member of my newly formed Isagenix team, send an email to with the subject line: “ONE of the TWO” and share a sentence or two as to why you want to connect. I’ll respond within 48 hours.
For those who will join me, I welcome you. For those who have taken the time to read this, I thank you and commend you for at the very least having the willingness to consider all I had to say before judging.
I look forward, not only to this venture, but to playing a role in welcoming in the next wave of health professionals. Stay tuned. There’s lots in store!

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How Diet Sodas Fool Your Brain into Getting Fatter

I remember hearing similar info from Dr Bhat a Medical Doctor specializing in fat loss who said that just the taste of artificial sweeteners on the tongue disrupt the system.

Excellent article from Charles Poliquin….. personal trainer in East Bay appreciates diet product evaluation.

The irony of diet sodas, is even though they have zero calories, they actually are responsable for making you gain fat by fooling your brain chemistry.

Using MRI technology, researchers evaluated the brain responses of young adults who drank diet soca (saccharin sweetened) vs the ones who drank conventional soda (sugar sweetened). Their results showed that the reward-processing centers of the brain had much greater activation in the saccharin sweetened group.

Plus the diet soda drinkers had reduced caudate head activation (brain neuron stimulation responsable with emotions, memory and learning), thus indicating that “there are alterations in reward processing of sweet taste in individuals who regularly consume diet soda, and this is associated with the degree of consumption.”3

More simply, artificial sweeteners increase our desire for more fattening sugars, starches and carbohydrates such as doughnuts. If you drink diet soda, you’re more likely to consume extra sweets to calm your cravings. On top of that, artificial sweeteners fools your body chemistry into thinking more sugar is on the way, which leads to the production of greater insulin levels, increasing inflammation and visceral fat in the body.

Drinking that Diet Coke is not so appealing anymore ?

Be wise,

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Best of the East Bay….Shani Studios

What can I say that would accurately describe what you get by blending that which can’t be taught, (the eye/heart of the artist) with the technical expertise of getting a highly respected degree in her field ? (Brooks Institute Graduate)
YouTube Preview Image

Meeting with Kate Krutzner might have seemed like an intimidating moment except that several seconds after sitting down with her I felt as if I was with a long time friend or relative.
Http:// personal trainer in Clayton pet portraits expert

It wasn’t long before I found out that Kate loves animals, (especially dogs)babies, engaged couples, family traditions and memories, and pretty much deeply loves just about everyone.

Being that I had been involved in nature and portrait photography in the ancient days of film types, prints and slides; it was a joy to discus this young artists vision of how she works with couples. More photos here
Shani Studios Wedding Photography

Even going to great depths to create that special moment underwater…
Http:// personal trainer in Clayton interviewsunderwater portraits expert

that transforms your “pictures” to memories that move emotion.
Http:// personal trainer in Clayton interviewsbaby photography expert

Be sure to watch for the part about underwater portraits.
YouTube Preview Image

So instead of using your nephew or sister to maybe get a few good pictures on your special day, be sure to give a true professional a call and everyone will enjoy the memories for a long time..
You can reach Kate at or

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Practice a Perfect Swing

There have been hundreds of videos on kettlebell technique and scores of books written.

I have my favorite instructors and will get to that later but today is a good day to focus on the noble swing.

As explained in this video the swing is a lot more complex than it looks.

The man I hold in highest esteem for kettlebell instruction is Pavel Tsatsouline. My favorite of his books is still “Enter the Kettlebell” as well as his video of the same name. His instructions are clear and though some (shortcut lovers) might say repetitious, it all serves to get you understand a feeling of what a movement should be. As a coach I respect how hard that is and is a skill to be admired and developed.

Enjoy the short video
YouTube Preview Image

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Why I Love Safe Plyo Jumps

As far as developing explosive power in the hips and hamstrings, there are very few movements more effective than simply jumping up on a box.

The benefits from being able to quickly get two feet off the ground at the same time and stabilize a landing are critical for all ages, especially seniors. This gives us the ability to right ourselves in the case of tripping over something or unexpected impact incidents.The ability to catch yourself from losing your balance can save your life.

The problems and injuries that can possibly arise usually come from one of two sources. (or a combination of both.

First is that proper progression guidelines aren’t followed and an individual tries to jump higher than they should.

The second is that the facility has metal boxes with a thin strip of rubber over the top which provides zero protection in the unavoidable event of a missed jump. (see reason 1)

Check out the take off and landing described in the video since you need to get off the ground and land like a ninja ready to fight.

YouTube Preview Image
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360 Degree Core

If you were asked if you would rather do hundreds of repetitions of an exercise, or a few that would challenge you for 8-12 reps. and get superior results, which would you prefer?

All of the members of East Bay Boot Camp have heard me say “Everything is an ab and glute exercise if done properly.” So here are a few of my favorite core exercises.

Side Plank:
The key to a side plank that challenges your side trunk muscles is your alignment from feet to fingertips. With one foot over the other, you straighten and lock your ankles, knees and push hips forward by clenching your glutes. Your upper body is just about balancing on the point of your elbow (with assistance from forearm and hand), with the shoulders in a straight line from the elbow point. Hold for 20-60 seconds and repeat on the other side. personal trainer in Clayton shows how to align a side plank at Clayton Fitness Center.

Wheel Rollouts:
I remember making fun of these movements back in the late 1970′s and it just goes to show that a lot of the oldest “pre-machine days” ways to train were better than so much of what is in gyms and health clubs today. For the rollout:
be sure to set up with your hips under your knees and hands under your shoulders. Make a “camel position” to firm up your core and protect your spine. Clayton personal trainer begins abdominal workout demo for East Bay Boot Camp members

Begin by pushing your hips forward and rolling the wheel forward only as far as you can “control your camel.” For some it will be only a few inches and for others you’ll go all out. East Bay boot camp demonstration of abdominal rollout at Clayton Fitness Center

On the return you should be pressing your hands down into the floor sending the energy from your abs and return to the starting position while avoiding pulling your butt back with your legs.


One of my favorite advanced exercises that brings full body challenge to core work is feet ups from a bar or rope.
Here you’ll hang from a bar or rope with two hands and with your legs as straight as possible, pull your feet up to the bar or as high as you can get them if on a rope. Avoid doing excessive “windshield wiper” type movements to protect your back. Clayton personal trainer teaches abdominal exercise to personal training clients

Remember that you can work core maximally and never see those muscles without practicing supportive nutrition of lean protein, complex starches, plenty of veggies and avoid sugar.


Being that I have a ton of respect for Pavel, and his wisdom is very direct so here’s how he answers a question from a “smart” person who decided to repeat a statement that I know he heard from a speaker at a seminar. You still absolutely must have perfect form on every rep of any kettlebell exercise in order to prevent injury. Here’s a great complex that will crush fat cells and make you strong as an oak tree. Looking back on it my squats needed hip mobility and more hips in the power clean as well. personal trainer in Walnut Creek lists a great kettlebell article from Pavel on fat blasting lifts

At a recent SFG kettlebell cert Dan John and I were waxing poetic about the sheer perfection of a program of swings, goblet squats, and get-ups for anyone, from the proverbial “Edna” on Social Security to “GI Joe,” an Army Ranger barely old enough to buy a beer and brimming with testosterone. One of the students respectfully asked: “Could it be that if the only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?”
Our answer was: every trainee IS a “nail.” Some are sturdier than others, but all undoubtedly are in the “nail” family. All members of our species share the same anatomy and physiology. What works for one, will work for another. The difference is in the degree: how hard you pound the “nail” and how heavy of a “hammer” you are going to select.

Edna and Joe may have different “sport-specific” goals. She wants to be able to pick up her grandkid and to get up from the floor with no help and no groaning, should she decide to get down there to play with that grandkid. She aspires to stand up from a chair spritely, to walk strongly, without fearing of falling and breaking her hip.

Joe’s goal is to be able to sprint with his 100-pound kit, quickly move in and out of different shooting positions, negotiate obstacles without blowing out an ankle or a hamstring, carry a wounded brother-in-arms.

Different as they appear, Edna’s and Joe’s goals rely on the same elements: mobile hips and knees, powerful legs, a stable trunk, a well “knit” body that moves as a unit, rather than a “collection of body parts.” Once these general demands are met, specific skill practice may be needed—the Ranger needs to be taught how to correctly pick up a wounded comrade—but that becomes a piece of cake once the fundamental movement patterns are there, along with mobility and general strength.

There are many ways to develop these fundamental qualities. For instance, one could take up yoga to get flexible (in spite of a decided lack of squat type poses), get strong with the powerlifts, and go to a physical therapist to attempt (in vain, unless his name is Gray Cook) to make everything fire the right way. Edna might get her arm twisted into yoga, but Joe would just as likely take up interior decorating. In turn, Edna would rather join a gun range than a powerlifting gym. Joe would not mind. Fortunately, many US military bases in most unfriendly places are equipped with barbells. Unfortunately, the stress of nightly missions in Afghan mountains does not leave much adrenaline for heavy squats. And when he tried it, Joe almost let his team down as he was hobbling at half speed with sore quads on a night raid. It would not occur to either Edna or Joe to seek out the services of a physical therapist or some “movement coach.”

There are other ways, but most of them are just as cumbersome and unrealistic. Enter the kettlebell. Edna can easily afford one or two and Joe has them in his deployment kit.

The Swing, the Get-Up, and the Goblet Squat are the three most beneficial exercises anyone could do—period. Some might need to add other moves, but they must be planted on the foundation of these three whales.

The Swing fills the hips with power and the back with vigor. The Get-Up makes the shoulders resilient and the abs bulletproof. The Goblet Squat unlocks the hips and puts a spring into one’s step. Muscles appear in all the right places while the fat beats retreat.

When done correctly, these exercises are exceptionally safe. They are beyond safe—they are “anti fragile,” to borrow a word from Nassim Taleb. The Program Minimum plus goblet squats is true health training. I can run out of fingers on both hands listing the various health benefits of swings alone.

“Customization” is just a euphemism for “differentiation” in the business world. The only “customization” you need is the size of the bell.

You are the nail; I rend you the hammer.

Thanks for the insite comrade and as I add more kettlebell programs it will be top of mind to be be aware of how strong the basics are. working kettlebells for weight loss with East Bay Boot Camp in Clayton

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